Track Training Tips No. 10

10 Steps to Managing Difficult Staff

Now there’s an interesting topic! It’s certainly one that has gained the attention of a very large number of clients over the last twelve months, judging by the number of times that I have been asked to deliver this workshop.

The answer as ever, is not as simple as the question. The organisation needs to provide Induction, Job Description, SMART Objectives and of course the appropriate cultural and behavioural norms. The Line Manager needs to provide advice, guidance, coaching and support. The Line Manager must be trained to Delegate, Motivate, Manage Performance, Plan and Organise (themselves and others).

However ….. at some point, if non conformance continues, the manager is going to have to tackle the individual and their behaviour.

Here’s the key steps:

  1. Gather your key facts (from a range of sources) relating to the inappropriate behaviour
  2. Book an appointment to speak to the individual directly, don’t delay, do it now – book a quiet room in an appropriate place.
  3. Plan and prepare for the meeting (what are your objectives that you wish to achieve).
  4. Conduct the meeting calmly, professionally and assertively.
  5. Give them a good listening to.
  6. Seek to understand their point of view – you don’t have to agree.
  7. Make sure they are very clear as to the nature of their inappropriate behaviour and it’s effect on internal and external customers.
  8. Agree the way forward – an Action Plan with timescales.
  9. Follow up and support as agreed.
  10. Meet again at the allotted time and place to discuss behavioural change.

Following these simple steps should help to minimise the effects of inappropriate behaviour both for the individual and his/her Line Manager and also for the rest of the team/organisation.

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