Track Training Tips No. 16

10 Steps to Effective Business Communication.


The 80:20 rule is alive and well! 80% of all communication in an organisation is at best not very good. At worst downright ineffective and misleading. The results? Frustration, lost time through repetition, stress, lost customers, poor image.

The fact of the matter is, that good communication between one individual and another is not a simple matter, but there are some basics steps that will help you to avoid the pitfalls.

The Key Steps

  1. Clarify the Purpose of the communication –  What objective do you wish to achieve? Is it to Sell/Tell or Impel? Don’t waste the receiver’s time.  Then you can consider  -
  2. Method  –  Telephone, e mail, letter, face to face? Each has at least as many negatives as advantages. If you really want to achieve your objectives – then make it face to face. 
  3. Time  –  To suit the receiver not you. If it’s important and urgent why have you left it until 17:00 on a Friday afternoon?
  4. Place –  To suit the importance of the communication.
  5. Avoid as many Barriers as you can –  wrong time, place, method, internal/external noise, jargon, assumptions, poor listening.
  6. Remember  – keep it ABC. Accurate, Brief, Clear.
  7. Use excellent Questioning  and Listening skills. Most people only listen at a 35% level of efficiency!
  8. Ensure that your Body Language supports the message. Over half of the strength of your message is through the non verbal signals.
  9. Check that the message has been received and understood by the receiver.
  10. Thank them for their time. Just because it’s important and urgent to you, does not mean that it is to them!

Result? Effective and efficient business communication.

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