Track Training Tips No. 37

Motivating Your Workforce During Challenging Times


A recent on line poll from ‘People Management’ asked the question: “Has your Job satisfaction gone down during the recession?”

38% answered NO, 62% answered YES!

Now whilst the old adage of “If you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got”, might be absolutely fine during steady times – during exceptional times it may well be a recipe for disaster.

My Top Ten Tips for Motivating your staff during difficult times:


  1. Maintain a flexible approach  – “different strokes for different folks”.
  2. Maintain flexible pay and reward systems – as far as is practical.
  3. Make it your job to look out for signs of stress and signs of demotivation.
  4. Work overtime on the empathy and rapport.
  5. Check that your are getting the best out of your diverse workforce – match skills with jobs.
  6. Offer training to those that need it/can benefit from it – remember not just current skills but also future potential.
  7. There is a clear measurable link between Job Satisfaction and Motivation – so make sure that what you are asking people to do is both interesting and varied.
  8. Provide regular quality feedback to all – both formal and informal.
  9. Check your management style – make sure that you are part of the solution not part of the problem.
  10. How you manage, implement and communicate CHANGE is probably the key to current survival and future success (if you don’t know how then seek advice!).

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