Track Training Tips No. 40
10 Top Tips for Achieving Behavioural Change
Change is about many things – clarity of Vision, great Leadership, effective Communications to name but a few. Ultimately I believe that it comes down to giving each and every member of your organisation who are directly effected by Change, and I am assuming that means everybody, a personal reason to Change.
My Top 10 tips for Changing behaviour.
1. Remember the working definition of Behaviour – “All that you do and the way that you do it and all that you say and the way that you say it”. This is factual and objective and, therefore, it can be measured. The alternative is opinion and this leads to conflict.
2. Identify and define the behaviours that you need your people to display in the future. Be Accurate, Brief and Clear. Get agreement at the top level.
3. Communicate and train everyone at all levels as to the Behaviours required. This must include:
4. Remembering the value of what you used to do – its not personal – the world and its expectations are Changing
5. Understanding why that must Change – and the repercussions of not Changing
6. Ensuring that each individual understands their personal, ‘What’s In It For Me” factor. What will be better as a result of the Change.
7. Remember that what most people dislike more than Change itself, is being Changed. 
8. Link in these behaviours to your appraisal/development review system and ensure that managers are tasked with embedding them.
9. Look for small wins and celebrate success as you go.
10. Ride the wave of Change or sink beneath it!
Like investing in new machinery or systems, Changing the way people work needs Project Managing. It will not happen by chance. 
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