Track Training Tips No. 4

10 Steps to Effective Recruitment and Selection

‘Survival is not Compulsory (Deming)

Since Quality and Price just get you onto the starting line, what is it that keeps your customers coming back for more? To a very large extent it’s the ability of your managers and staff to carry out their tasks. This is known as the Intellectual Capacity of your organisation

Where does this start? Well – at the very beginning!

Key steps to selecting the ‘right’ staff.

  1. Conduct a Job Analysis to identify exactly what you want from the vacant position – this results in
  2. An accurate Job Description (roles and responsibilities) and a Person Specification ( knowledge, skills, abilities )
  3. Place the advert in the right place at the right time to attract the right candidates (where do the people that you want to attract go to look for jobs?)
  4. Shortlist from the applications received against your essential criteria – be strict, don’t waste time interviewing those that do not have your basic requirements.
  5. Prepare for the interview – never allow untrained people to interview, ever! You are about to make a very important decision for you, your organisation and the individual. “Going on gut feeling” simply will not do.
  6. Conduct the interview – ask your questions, answer theirs.
  7. Review your notes – objectively, consistently and without bias.
  8. Select the best candidate.
  9. Prepare Induction and Training.
  10. Review your processes.

These are the basics – without them you may as well just toss a coin! Why bother? Because it costs 3.5 times the starting salary to recruit a new member of

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