Track Training Tips No. 29

10 Steps to Making Staff Less Miserable!

‘Miserable Staff Cost Millions’

According to an article in the latest ILM magazine, unhappy workers are costing the UK economy £40 million a day in wasted time at work. On average workers are spending 25 minutes each day dreaming, surfing the net or looking for another job. The blame for this is being put on dead end jobs, poor salaries and perks and too much time spent behind a desk.

So ….  To make the figures easy, lets call that 30 minutes x 50 staff = 1500 minutes = 25 hours! Yes that’s TWENTY FIVE HOURS WASTED each day! If your organisation can live with that, then read no further.

Alternatively :Consider the following steps to alleviating your miserable staff.

  1. Make sure that your managers are not too busy being busy that they fail to spot the signs of demotivated staff. Then find out why.
  2. Have a meaningful, pragmatic appraisal/review system that ensures that (as far as possible) staff needs and aspirations are matched with those of the business.
  3. Which does not mean that managers are not required to speak to their staff for another 6/12 months! Keep your business antennae up and working at all times.
  4. If you can’t remember the last time you said please/thank you/well done to your employees, chances are that they can’t either.
  5. Where the business can allow, be flexible with start, finish and break times.
  6. Ensure regular checks on skills and competencies are carried, set SMARTER objectives, keep your people stretched.
  7. Plan for succession, holidays, illness, the unexpected – ensure multitasking and flexibility is the norm.
  8. I can’t function properly after more that an hour at my desk – don’t expect your staff to.
  9. Celebrate all successes – however small.
  10. Do something different – every week. Communicate and give them a good listening to. Often it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Its also worth remembering that each time you loose a member of staff, it costs about £2.5k to replace them on average. Plus disruption , unpleasantness, added stress for other team members, updating job description, reorganising workloads, placing an advert, interviewing etc etc.

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