An offer to those of you who manage others.

If you manage other staff, there is a really good chance that a small percentage, maybe only one, just don’t seem to pull their weight. You know the ones – no real engagement in meetings, behaviour not quite right, last to arrive and first to go, just not adding value. This small percentage will probably be taking up a quite inappropriate amount of your time end mental effort. Honestly – they are real pain!

Well – here is the offer. Give me a call and I will come into your organisation at a suitable time, do lots of listening, observing and asking some key questions. Then I will come back to you with my observations, some possible solutions and ideas for action and improvement. If you wish I will coach you through the implementation stage.

For this service I will charge a nominal £20 for petrol. If you don’t like what I have to suggest, I’ll even refund you the £20!


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