Track Training Tips No. 21

Ten Steps to Making Meetings Productive

A recent report in the I.L.M. magazine found that almost a third of managers lose more than one day a week sitting through unproductive meetings. This is equivalent to £11,000 per manager per year !!

Are you happy with this financial loss – straight off the bottom line?

Do you have a Monday morning meeting just because you have always had one?

Do you loose the will to live sitting in a boring meeting with no objectives and no outcomes?

There is a better way - The Key Steps.

  1. Decide if a meeting is really necessary. Don’t do what you have always done – there are many other ways to disseminate information, solve problems, get action.
  2. Make the purpose of the meeting crystal clear, have an agenda, circulate it well in advance (because people must come prepared), invite the minimum number necessary.
  3. Make sure you have a trained , assertive Chair – not just the most senior person attending. THIS IS VITAL FOR A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME!
  4. Attendees must arrive on time and be fully prepared to make an effective contribution. This is not an option. To do otherwise is unprofessional and disrespectful. Take action against rule breakers.
  5. Allocate a time budget to the important and urgent AND STICK TO IT! The agenda is not a moveable feast.
  6. Protect the passive, control the talkative, ensure that all points of view are heard.
  7. Unite, Focus and Mobilse the group to ACTION.
  8. The outcome is an Action Plan NOT a set of minutes! WHO, WHAT, WHEN …. Not War and Peace.
  9. Circulate Action Plan the next day and gain agreement as to accuracy.
  10. Invite agenda items for next meeting.

PS Do not use AOB! If you have time for one then either you have not allocated appropriate time to the important matters, you had the wrong agenda items or you did not need a meeting in the first place. Items under AOB are not on the agenda, by definition , therefore, they are unprepared for, therefore, no balanced discussion can take place. AOB = “I did not follow the rules and have only just thought of this”

Implement these basic ground rules and save yourself some time.

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