Track Training Tips No. 14

10 Ways to Keep Your Key Staff Happy


A recent report from Reed Consulting showed that 49% of staff left their jobs because of a lack of opportunity for personal and career development. (this applies to managers as well as to staff). Interestingly only 21% of employers saw this as the main reason people left.

Effective recruitment, selection, induction and on-going training and development will be costing you a huge amount of money. It makes business sense to look after the ones you have already invested in.

Key Steps to consider:

  1. Create defined career structures/pathways for progression.
  2. Use competency based systems for objectivity, consistency, professionalism and fairness.
  3. If upward movement is no longer possible think job enlargement/enrichment/stretch.
  4. Plan the training budget against what the business NEEDS to survive and grow and compete, not what it got last year.
  5. Think creatively and laterally – your competitors will be.
  6. Ensure that all employees are getting an annual Personal Development Review and that it includes a section on growth and development.
  7. Benchmark against other similar organisations. Network and share best practice.
  8. Ask employees for their ideas – a great untapped source of added value.
  9. Remember that it costs roughly £5.0k to replace someone who leaves.
  10. Remind ALL your managers that they are first and foremost required to MANage others – then measure them on their performance

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