Track Training Tips No. 21

10 Tips for ‘Motivating The Demotivated’

A recent report from the Hay Group found some startling statistics:

  • only 15% of workers felt ‘highly motivated’
  • only 39% said that they loved their jobs
  • 25% confessed to coasting
  • and only 17% felt that they were in their ideal role

These poor levels of Motivation will clearly have a negative effect on productivity and ouput– by as much as 45%!

Rather than reach for the rule book – maybe you could try and implement some  practical, proven tips to increase levels of Motivation in your business:

The Key Steps:

1.      Make your people feel valued – celebrate success, however small it   may be.

2.      Monitor their work regularly and provide good quality feedback – positive and developmental.

3.      Create an atmosphere of approval and co-operation –as opposed to ‘them and us’.

4.      Make sure that everyone understands the function and philosophy of the organisation and their personal contribution to the achievement of the business objectives.

5.      Provide a range of opportunities for development.

6.      Make the best use of the teams Knowledge, Skills and Competencies.

7.      Communicate success, progress and results, objectives and requirements.

8.      Provide a challenge – stretch your people.

9.      Create scope for greater responsibility – for those that want it.

10. Seek ideas from your staff and involve them in the decision making process as much as possible.

Start today and be consistent – make sure that everyone who manages others is bought into the process.

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