Track Training Tips No. 34


10 Tips to a Greener Office


I was with a local government client last week and after we had finished putting together a workshop on Change Management we got onto the subject of ‘making your office greener’.

They were doing some very obvious, but effective, things which I thought it would be useful to share with you. They all save money too!

Key Tips:

  1.  Switch off lights, monitors and anything else that can be switched off. Ever seen a large office block from the outside at night? It can be like Blackpool illuminations – and your customers will notice.
  2. Stop printing it off unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Reuse paper were you can.
  4. Change your light bulbs for low energy ones.
  5. Share cars.
  6. Find out who your local, low cost suppliers are.
  7. Select some champions to flag up successes.
  8. Keep upto date with changing legislation and technology.
  9. Get all staff on board, ask for ideas and celebrate success.
  10. 10. Tell your customers what you are doing and encourage them to do the same.

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