How to Plan, Problem Solve and make Quality Decisions


Workshop Title:    How To: Plan for Success, Problem Solving and Make Quality Decisions

Who should Attend?

Those who need to use planning, problem solving and decision making skills to achieve their key personal and business objectives. You may be a team member or a team leader.

What practical benefits will I gain from attending this workshop?

Knowing how to plan, problem solve and then make great decisions are vital skills.
By successfully mastering them you will me able to save time and money, reduce stress and conflict, lead and engage with your team and deliver performance improvement.

the benefits of effective planning – the results of not planning – a systematic approach – ten key tools and techniques for problem solving – horses for courses – what is a quality decision – what are the key steps – creating competitive advantage – involving the team –  recognising your strengths and areas for improvement.

Duration:    1.0 day.

Note: this workshop will be designed and delivered to meet your specific requirements.

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