Developing a Performance Review System


Workshop Title:    Developing a Performance Review System

Who Should Attend?

Those tasked with establishing and maintaining an internal people review system that underpins effective, professional performance and enables staff to work effectively with greater customer focus.

What practical benefits will I gain from attending this workshop?

A well designed and delivered performance review system is a key tool in delivering continuous improvement for your organisation. Increased communication, motivation and reduced costs will result.

An increased understanding of the key processes and benefits:

what is a review system – what’s in a name – clarifying objectives and outcomes required – clarifying the benefits – what type of system will work best – how do we ensure management buy in – how will we train the reviewers – what training will we offer the reviewees – how will we implement the process – how do we ensure compliance – what are the penalties for non compliance – producing an implementation plan

Duration:        One day.

Note:    This session will be designed and delivered to your specific requirements. It is by its very nature more of a consultancy/discussion process than a workshop.

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