Track Training Tips No. 47
Key Steps to Building Winning Teams
Effective teams are great at achieving a whole range of objectives and for many (although not all) they will feel better than working alone. However, effective and efficient teams do not happen by chance. They are not like good wine – you cannot just leave them for a period of time and expect them to get better! Winning Teams need to be actively developed – and here are some of the key steps that you should to be aware of.
10 Key Steps to Building Wining Teams:
1. Be clear as to what a team is and indeed what it isn’t. “A unified group of people who have their own areas of responsibility , but who need the support and resources of other members of the team to accomplish objectives”.
2. There are a number of key steps to be navigated – Forming,Storming,Norming,Performing,Informing – successful teams pass through all stages, at different speeds, but may need help to do so.
3. Clarify and spell out the benefits of working as a team.
4. Invite and select the right people with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to join. Identify their preferred roles within the team.
5. Adopt the correct leadership style to maximise team performance.
6. Provide appropriate direction, guidance and objectives.
7. Develop and maintain team spirit.
8. Learn to Problem Solve and Decision Make as a team.
9. Learn to manage internal conflict – it can be beneficial.
10. Reward and celebrate success, publicise your efforts – other people will want to join a successful team.
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