Track Training Tips No. 39
10 Key Steps  to ensuring that your Training provides
measurable added value.
1. Most employers recognize that Learning and Development will improve their business – but how to prove it? Think about how you will demonstrate your R.O.I.
2. Don’t make it ad-hoc i.e. when there is some spare cash in the kitty.
3. Don’t make it a sheep dip event – everyone is different.
4. Ensure that all L and D is linked to the needs of the business – and for most organisations, the easy way to do this is through your PDR/Appraisal processes.
5. Identify the precise behavioural outcomes required and link them to improved performance.
6. Ensure that the outcomes and the performance requirements are reflected in the Learning Objectives of the training intervention.
7. Sell the L and D to those who you believe need to attend – answer their key question – What’s In It For Me?
8. Set realistic benchmarks and ensure that learners know what they are.
9. Raise the bar as progress is made.
10. Share the findings throughout the organisation – especially with senior management and celebrate success.
None of these steps are rocket science and non of them take long to put into place. Simply apply the same logical approach that you would to any other expenditure and treat Learning and Development as an investment and not an expense.
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