Track Training Tips No. 32

7 Steps to Developing and Managing a Customer Service Culture


As existing and new clients continue to ask for Customer Service training for their front line staff, one or two ‘truths’ have become increasingly clear.

  • Customer service really is one of the few areas where serious added value can be gained
  • Most organisations still don’t make a great job of it
  • Transfer of learning back to the workplace is very much a function of the internal culture of the organisation

What has become very clear following research into the style of many of these organisations, is that they do not have a culture of internal Customer Service. Effective Customer Service starts in-house with a recognition of the internal customer, the need for standards, measurement and a philosophy of continuous improvement.

In economically challenging times it is more important than ever to offer clear added value through the quality of your Customer Service.

Key Steps:

1.      Decide your Service Strategy

  • Style
  • Vision
  • Values

2.      Undertake Customer Research

  • Listen to customers and staff then act
  • Focus groups, surveys, comment cards
  • Observe the competition

3.      Employ the Right People

  • Personality, Attitude, Behaviours

4.   Articulate Your Service Standards

  • Operational, behavioural
  • Objective, measurable

5.      Train In The Standards

  • Induction, regular training

6.      Provide Excellent Leadership

  • Positive, inspiring management
  • Live and breathe your values

7.      Measure And Monitor

  • Ongoing reviews (managers)
  • Ongoing feedback (customers)
  • Measurement tools (mystery customer assessments)
  • Analyse Results and Act
  • Identify future training needs
  • Develop customer service action plans
  • Undertake ongoing improvements

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