Track Training Tips No. 24

10 Steps to Successful Face/Face Selling.

During challenging economic times it pays to ensure that everyone in your organisation has some basic understanding of selling skills. It may not be their primary function, but as a minimum all staff need to be acting as an advocate to ensure that there are no lost opportunities.

 The Key Steps:

  1. Follow the 5’P’ Principal (Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance). Do NOT proceed to step 2 until you have spent sufficient time here!        
  2. Have a range of Objectives  – you can’t sell every time and you can’t win them all.
  3. You will need a range of strategies for getting past the Gatekeeper.
  4. Arrive at the meeting in good time and Remember …….
  5. You only get one chance to make a Great First Impression.
  6. Develop the relationship – build Empathy and Rapport.
  7. Know your customer’s business as well as they do – understand their issues and problems – only then offer Solutions.
  8. Understand a range of Closing Techniques.
  9. Plan to overcome Objections.
  10. Part professionally – and leave the door open for future contact.

Which is the most important? Well, they are all important …. But without number 1 you may as well forget the rest.

By the way – when did you last check the skill levels of your salesforce?

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