Track Training Tips No. 19

Ten steps to establishing an Effective Personal Development Review (PDR) system.

Appraisals, Personal Development Review, Performance Review, Annual Review – lots of different labels – often the same outcome. A tick box process that is time consuming and adds little or no value to the business.

However, it does not have to be like that!

My own preference is for Personal Development Review, because this clearly tells you what its purpose is. Following a few straightforward steps this can become a key business tool that adds real value to your organisation’s Performance Management processes.

The 10 Key Steps:

  1. Be clear about the Purpose and Objectives of your system – what it is, what it is not, what are the outcomes required.
  2. Create the paper system from existing Best Practise, make sure it asks the right questions and is easy to complete.
  3. Link to your existing in-house competency systems and make sure it becomes embedded in the daily organisational systems and processes. It is not an added extra!
  4. Train everyone involved – HR, in-house Champions, reviewers, reviewees.
  5. Pilot in a small area – with one of your best managers.
  6. Review and Learn. What worked, what did not.
  7. Communicate to everyone and sell the Benefits.
  8. Start at the top and cascade down.
  9. Make sure all managers/reviewers are tasked with the effective and efficient completion and implementation of the PDR process. Quality control samples and be prepared to take remedial action where necessary.
  10. Roll-out the full package.

Get ready to Celebrate Success and reap the individual, team and organisational rewards.

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