Track Training Tips No. 27

8 Steps for Leading Effective Change

Research shows that more often than not organisational change fails to deliver a sustained improvement in results, even though in the early stages it seemed to be on track. High change activity plus intense management focus during change can produce short-term improvements that cannot be sustained in the longer term.

So what are the common errors and what should you do?

  1. Making a change too hastily or attempting change without sufficient commitment. Too many of these efforts can kill your leadership credibility. It is vital to create a powerful sense of urgency that explains why the change must happen.
  2. The vision is unclear. Does it clearly articulate where you need to get to, is it easy to communicate and be understood?
  3. Not enough communication! Change needs continual re-affirmation not just once or twice at the start. Think about what you need to communicate and how and then as a rule of thumb multiply it by TEN! Create many opportunities to talk about the vision.
  4. Not involving those who must implement the change. For change to happen everyone must be committed to making it happen. Commitment is highest when it is “our” change. As a minimum consult – better to involve.
  5. Not walking the talk – people look to see if you are serious about the change not by what you say but what you do. Don’t cut across the change for short-term gain.
  6. Not removing obstacles to the new vision – empowerment is fine but there are times when help and support is needed to get rid of the problems – this may be people!
  7. Not planning for and recognising short-term wins – these demonstrate the value of the change and re-energise efforts.
  8. Declaring victory too soon. Taking the eye off the ball before the changes are anchored in the culture of the organisation “the way we do things around here”.

Its also worth noting that 7 out of 10 change initiatives fail – usually because of one or more of the above. So get help from those with the experience and expertise to help you through this most difficult of business processes.

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