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How To Improve Staff Trust in Management

A recent report entitled ‘Sustaining Resilience’ said that a quarter of all employees trusted their managers less now than at any time over the last two years.

That’s a lot of mistrust – leading to increased absence, lack of motivation, decreased engagement in key business issues and a general feeling of apathy! If this rings true for your business then here are a few tips that might help.


1. Probably the one thing that you can’t have too much of in a business is Good Communication. Up, down and sideways. Openly, honestly and above all consistently.

2. Balance both the good and the poor. If you don’t tell them, your staff will only work it out for themselves, and perhaps embellish things on the way.

3. Ask for feedback from your staff, listen to it, act upon it. And I don’t mean just once a year at ‘appraisal’ time.

4. As part of the whole communication issue, remind your managers (some will need reminding), that their primary KRA (Key Result Area) is the effective management of staff

5. Consistent professional behavior is required at all times. That’s consistent in action and words. Managers need to under promise and over deliver.

6. Recognize and reward success at every opportunity. That’s for the top sales person who has just won a new customer after 6 months of effort and the less motivated individual who has turned up for work on time for a whole month!

7. If you can’t remember the last time that you said ‘please, thank you and well done’ to each member of your team – then neither can they.

8. Are all of your managers trained to Coach? Are they all doing it on a regular basis? If not, why not?

9. Before you cut budgets, think of the impact on your staff. Running a training course – good. Cutting the lunch budget from £7.50 – £5.00 bad! Whatever the real financial reasons think about how your staff will interpret your motives.

10. Get all of your team members involved in real added value work, make sure they are not just cranking last years handles.


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