Track Training Tips No. 8

 How To Deliver Developmental Feedback

Giving developmental feedback to your staff may be the hardest thing that you have to do. However, DO IT you must! Otherwise you are not managing professionally. You never know – the individual concerned may just thank you for it – give them the benefit of the doubt and lets assume that they are not aware of their inappropriate behaviour until you tell them.

11 Key Steps to giving feedback:

  1. Remember the purpose – performance improvement NOT character assassination
  2. Prepare yourself and the environment
  3. Choose the right time and the right place to give you the best chance of success
  4. Thank the individual for coming – set the scene – remind them of the purpose of this informal meeting
  5. Present your FACTS. Accurately, Briefly, Clearly, Objectively and Professionally.
  6. Invite and listen to the response.
  7. Stick to the facts, don’t get sidetracked, concentrate on behavioural change.
  8. Make sure they understand the repercussions of their inappropriate behaviour for them, you, the team, the business, the customer. 
  9. Gain agreement to the behavioural change required and record the outcome including timescales.
  10. Offer thanks and part professionally.
  11. Continue to monitor and coach the individual.

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