Track Training Tips No. 44
When Times are Tough – Focus on Delivering Great Customer Service
A quote from Colleen Barrett, President of SouthWest Airlines in the USA: “We are not an airline with great customer service, we are a great customer service organisation who just happens to be in the airline business.” 
What a great way to position your business. What a great message to send out to all employees at all levels. If only banks, website support, opticians etc etc understood the message. 
As a business owner why is this message important for you?
1. In an economic downturn, every penny is ‘hard earned’ – so when people spend it they want greater appreciation for the fact that they have spent it with YOU.
2. Maximum value for money is extra important – if you can’t give me more product, give me more service.
3. Reassure your customers that they ‘have done the right thing’. 
4. On the odd occasion when things do go wrong – react quickly, fix it, massage the self esteem (which may already be at a low ebb if you have just been made redundant).
5. Enhance the customers shopping experience. I went to a small hotel in Much Wenlock on Sunday with my wife – great service from everyone, we will go back. Recently change mobile phone packages from a well known colourful brand – disastrous! 
6. Positive word of mouth is a very strong (free) marketing tool. The opposite is of course also true – especially at the moment when customers will want to share their experiences.
7. Because you don’t have a unique product – the quality of the customer service is vital to long term success.
8. Give your staff the freedom to go the extra mile for your customers.
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