Track Training Tips No 50

Characteristics of a High Growth Business


There are many activities that separate high growth businesses from the also rans, an effective marketing and sales strategy is vital:

  • Place the customer at the heart of everything you do
  • Understand the unique values offered by your brands and consistently translate them into relevant, distinctive and motivating benefits
  • Recognise the need to engage emotionally with your customers to give your brands stronger appeal than your competitors
  • Understand the markets that you are operating in and review market trends
  • Develop  your USP to differentiate your offering from that of competitors
  • Understand the features of your products/services and the benefits that resonate with your customers
  • Have a well defined marketing strategy which has clearly defined, targeted communication channels
  • Build deep long lasting relationships with your target groups
  • Have clearly defined customer goals and activities which are constantly monitored for effectiveness and ROI
  • Engage in regular dialogue with your target customers to evaluate new product/service opportunities
  • Have suitable systems in place to manage all aspects of the dialogue
  • Promote an open minded culture that encourages challenges to established thinking

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