Time Management and Personal Effectiveness


Workshop Title:    Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

Who should attend?

Any member of staff/management seeking to manage their time more effectively, to enable them to achieve their objectives and prioritise a number of tasks.

What practical benefits will I gain from attending this workshop?

Organisations today work in a fast pace environment where everybody is working to tight deadlines in order to deliver on customer expectations. More time is something that we would all like. This course is aimed at helping participants to organise and use their time more effectively.

A wide range of practical tolls, tips and techniques to manage your time better:

your habits/your choices – change is not an option – clearly defined outcomes and outcome based thinking – taking control of your outcomes – barriers to managing your time effectively – time wasters / time stealers and how to deal with them effectively – procrastination and mastering the mundane – urgent v important  – Pareto analysis 80/20 rule – motivating yourself – work life grid and focusing on what is important – assertiveness skills and learning to saying no

Duration:    One day.

Note: this workshop will be designed and delivered to meet your specific requirements.

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