Powerful Presentation Skills


Workshop Title:    Powerful Presentation Skills

Who Should Attend?

Employees at all levels who are required to deliver a compelling presentation to an audience. This may be internal or external customers/clients with whom you need to communicate effectively.

What practical benefits will I gain from attending this workshop?

You will develop a positive, credible and professional approach to presenting information to groups. You will overcome your fears and nerves and actually look forward to rather than dreading ‘the presentation’.

the basics of effective communication – how people learn – creating a positive mindset – clarifying your purpose and key objectives – key preparation methods and structure  – 5 key steps to effective presentations – platform skills – managing your audience – managing nerves – the power of language – vocal skills – handling questions –skills practice and feedback – recognising your strengths and areas for development.

Duration:    2.0 days

Note: This workshop will be designed and delivered to meet your specific requirements. To enable the necessary skills practice numbers are limited.

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