Advanced Presentation Skills


Workshop Title:    Advanced Presentation Skills

Who should Attend?

More experienced presenters who already understand the basics. You may be looking to hone your existing skills, seeking developmental feedback that you just can’t get in-house or just not sure whether what you do is hitting the mark. Either way, an important part of your role is to represent your team/organisation to the outside world in a confident and professional manner.

What practical benefits will I gain from attending this workshop?

You will get an opportunity to deliver your presentation to an audience of your fellow professionals. You will be provided with immediate verbal and written feedback against a set of agreed performance criteria:

checking the basics – clear objectives – pitching at the right level – knowing your audience – managing difficult questions – making best use of your chosen delivery mechanisms – looking the part/sounding the part – planning for performance improvement in the workplace.

Duration:    One or two days depending on numbers.

Note: This workshop will be designed and delivered to meet your specific requirements. If you require we can arrange for delegates to be recorded and DVD’s provided.

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