Developing your Customer Service Skills


The delivery of Excellent Customer Service is a business essential.

Products are not unique, systems can be copied, prices can be beaten. What USP do you have left to work with – to add value – to WOW your customers/clients/stakeholders and keep them coming back for more?

Well, we think its about the quality of your Customer Service. This is a journey not a destination. There are a number of possible routes to success.

Identifying your Customer Service training needs may be the first step for you. Through a process of discussion, exploration and debate we will work with you to identify exactly which areas your organisation is looking to develop.

Establishing a Customer Service culture – what is your existing culture, is it fit for purpose, if not what would you like it to look like? With our consultancy hat on, we will work with you to identify what your required culture looks and feels like.

Part of this process may be the Setting of Service Standards. How long should it take for that invoice to be settled? For that complaint to be dealt with? For that telephone to be answered? These are all matters for discussion and debate and you will probably wish to involve your staff in the process.

The next step may be to agree measurement techniques and processes. Internally –what will you measure, when will you measure it, who will measure it, who will be responsible for the management of these processes? Externally, how will you find out what your customers really think about you? What will you do with that information?

Once all of the above has been discussed, agreed, implemented and achieved how will you reward excellent Customer Service delivery? Recognition and reward for ‘going the extra mile’ are vital tools for ensuring motivation remains high. How will you manage this? With money, a plaque on the wall, public recognition, your last Rollo?

A well designed and managed Mystery Shopper Programme will help to ensure that the agreed standards of performance and behaviour are maintained.

As you can see, the above steps are more about discussion and debate rather than learning workshops, although the skills and processes do of course need to be trained in.

A  well designed and delivered Staff Induction Programme. Is vital to establish the ‘ground rules for behaviour’ with all new starters joining your organisation. This needs to be far more than a brief ‘hello and welcome’ from HR, followed by the signing of varied forms and a route map to the restaurant. This is how we behave, these are our standards, these are our expectations of you and this is what you can expect from us. This is an induction programme that will add value and guidance to the new starter.

Now for the training delivery.

Customer Service Skills

Professional Selling Skills

Handling Awkward Customers

How To  Be Assertive

Managing Conflict

You may wish to support all of the above initiatives with a Team Building event. This will help to break down barriers, increase co-operation and understanding and ensure that everyone in a team is motivated to achieve the required standards of performance and behaviour. By their very nature these are all different – please contact us to discus this intervention in more detail.  

We would like to ensure that your origination continues to deliver excellent customer service once we have gone. This may require a degree of training for a few carefully chosen Customer Service Champions.

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