Customer Service Skills


Workshop Title:        Customer Service Skills

Who Should Attend:

Everyone within the organisation. Especially relevant to those who’s primary focus is the delivery of excellent customer service to the external customer/client/service user.

What practical benefits will I gain from attending this workshop?

As a manager of others you will recognise your responsibility for ensuring that all of your team members understand and deliver to the required standards of behaviour. As a team member you will understand the necessity for delivering excellent Customer Service at all times.

You will take away an increased understanding of our many practical tools and techniques:

what is Customer Service – why is it important – who’s job is it anyway – the benefits of Excellent Customer Service – who are your internal and external customers – the process model – what are your customers expectations – everyone has a part to play – Customer Service and teamwork – the need for effective communication – the key skills – handling complaints – face to face/on the telephone – tea and empathy – DVD input – skills practice – recognising your strengths and areas for development.

Duration:    1.0 day

Note: This workshop will be designed and delivered to meet your specific requirements.

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