Track Training Tips No. 36

10 Things to do before you arrive in the training room …….

In order to ensure that you are getting the most from your hard pressed training budget, here are the top 10 things to do before arriving at the training room door.


  1. Ensure that the ethos of ‘continuous improvement’ is accepted and understood throughout the organisation – learning and development is for everyone at all levels – make sure this is included in your induction programmes.
  2. Train your managers to recognise a training need when they see it – if the individual has never done it right, then maybe they don’t know how to!
  3. Conduct a Training Needs Analysis – use your development review systems – formally at least once a year so that you can pull together a Company Training Plan – cost and prioritise your learning needs for the coming year .
  4. Remember that you need to think beyond the here and now – what competencies do we need for the future – make it a two way street with the learner.
  5. How best to gain the required learning – a workshop may not be the only route to success (or cheapest) – think through the options.
  6. Find the best source of training available for your needs – experience, cost, location, tutors background – meet them in person and ask lots of questions.
  7. If you want quality learning and quality outputs then you need a quality environment! A spare managers office is simply not good enough. Space, light, IT kit, teas, coffees etc.
  8. Prepare the learners – managers should be briefing all delegates – remind them why they are attending, what is expected of them, how they will be required to demonstrate added value on their return to work.
  9. Meet and great from a senior person on the day – this is vital to set the scene and the expectations for the event. Ensure that ‘no shows’ are required to explain their behaviour.
  10. Evaluate and ensure managers follow up with a debrief.


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