Announcing links with Global Corporate College ….

Track Training Services (UK) Ltd are proud to announce our newly achieved status as delivery partner with Global Corporate College , based in Ohio, USA.

Global Corporate College is a full-service training and performance improvement organization, providing global learning solutions to companies worldwide. In partnership with a widespread network of accredited colleges, universities and independent partners, Global Corporate College applies expertise in adult learning programs to achieve both employee development and company operational objectives.

Their mission: To Close the Talent Gap by Supporting Employers Wherever Their Business Takes Them in the World. 


We look forward to working closely with GCC, delivering quality materials through our team of specialists trainers and facilitators, to their clients in the UK and Europe.


Track Training Tips No 54

Key Steps to Improving Employee Engagement


In 2009 the Government sponsored Maclead Report asked a series of questions of many thousands of organisations and their owners. The key findings were conclusive: that employee engagement has a major impact on productivity, retention, customer satisfaction, innovation and, therefore, ultimately on the bottom line.

Given that the role of the modern manager is surely to facilitate and coach, not to control, this begs the question – “What are you doing to increase employee engagement in your organisation?” Here are some thoughts …..

  1. Communicate regularly through all available channels – encourage feedback, really listen to what is being said, think outside the box, the CEO is not the only one who can run a meeting.
  2. Spend lots of time coaching – give more responsibility for achieving outcomes not just following processes, invite innovation.
  3. Focus on the behaviours required to achieve success, be consistent, reward the key behaviours and those who exhibit them at all times.
  4. Use regular employee surveys, publish all the results, take action on continuous improvements.
  5. Give all staff time to think and be creative, stop being hamsters on the wheel, learn to think outside the box.
  6. Find innovative ways of rewarding all of the above. Celebrate Success!
  7. Use your performance management systems to imbed all of the above in the way your organisation operates.
  8. Task all of your line managers to ensure this happens. Take action where it does not happen and reward when it does.
  9. Remember: “If you do what you have always done – you will get what you have always got” – is this what you need?

10. Coach everyone how to conduct a brainstorm process, lateral thinking exercises, problem solving tools and techniques.

For further information and business support contact Dave Chesters on 01785 823583 or take a look at our website 

‘Learning Interventions that Guarantee Results’

Dec 022013

The SME Growth (SMEG) Programme


Here at Track Training Services (UK) Ltd we understand the SME marketplace.

There is often too much to do and not enough time to do it. Amongst the many issues to be tackled is the absolute necessity to continuously train and develop your staff. Especially the managers and team leaders. OK, we know they are good technically, but can they manage people effectively? Well, if they have not been trained the answer is almost certainly no.


“But how do we get them trained in a cost effective manner and how do we ensure that they use the new found skills and knowledge?”


Our newly launched SME Growth (SMEG) programme is designed especially for you.

-       You choose the workshop that matches your development needs (we can help with this),

-       We deliver all of the underpinning skills and knowledge that your people require in a half day workshop (designed to your needs)

-       Then comes the clever bit – during the second half day we come into the place of work and help you to implement what you have learned in a practical and sensitive manner

And the investement?

Just £149.00 per head – for a half day workshop, a half day of mentoring in the place of work together with all workshop materials and handouts, a telephone help line and all the ongoing support that you might need.

Next Steps:

To find out more about how we can help you to grow and develop:

- call Dave Chesters on 01785 823583

- e mail

- or visit our website


  1. The figures quoted are plus expenses
  2. We need a minimum of 3 learners per workshop

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