Nov 262013

Hi David,

 It was great to meet you at the SBEN event, as promised please find this email as an overview of the project I work on:

 I’ve attached the website for you: and a very brief outline of the service and its offering, under this are the project changes which may be of interest to clients that you may be working with:

 The project supports businesses and organisations based in the West Midlands. We can support businesses in a wide range of areas and below are examples of grant funded support we can offer:


ISO & EMAS Accreditation                                       Increase Energy Efficiency 

Reduce Carbon Footprint                                        Reduce Material Costs

Improve Waste Management                               Reduce recycling Costs

Legal Compliance                                                        Grant Funding for implementation


The project currently reimburses businesses up to 50% of 2 days consultancy and an optional further 4 days and also give a further grant of £2400 to aid business transformation to become cost efficient, environmentally friendly and maximise growth their opportunities.  


Project Update and Changes


The project is going through a new round of procurement to source new consultants on to the project via an OJEU tender. If you know of sustainability consultants who are working with SMEs in the West Midlands and you feel this may benefit them.

 To tender for this opportunity, please visit the Coventry Universities tendering portal which is

 The project has also recently had authorisation to proceed on a 3 quote basis whereby SMEs are able to choose their own consultants to perform services as per the project remit.


Direct Access to Grant and Consultancy Days

Another change on the horizon which we are hoping to confirm imminently is to enable SMEs to have direct access to the grant that we have. We are also hoping that we are able to provide more flexibility on consultancy days being offered. These changes are yet to be confirmed.

 David, thank you for the support and please do keep in touch.

 Kind regards


Sunil Vara

Project Manager

Coventry University Enterprises Ltd

The TechnoCentre

Coventry University Technology Park

Puma Way



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