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Track Training Tips No. 24

10 Steps to Successful Face/Face Selling.

During challenging economic times it pays to ensure that everyone in your organisation has some basic understanding of selling skills. It may not be their primary function, but as a minimum all staff need to be acting as an advocate to ensure that there are no lost opportunities.

 The Key Steps:

  1. Follow the 5’P’ Principal (Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance). Do NOT proceed to step 2 until you have spent sufficient time here!        
  2. Have a range of Objectives  – you can’t sell every time and you can’t win them all.
  3. You will need a range of strategies for getting past the Gatekeeper.
  4. Arrive at the meeting in good time and Remember …….
  5. You only get one chance to make a Great First Impression.
  6. Develop the relationship – build Empathy and Rapport.
  7. Know your customer’s business as well as they do – understand their issues and problems – only then offer Solutions.
  8. Understand a range of Closing Techniques.
  9. Plan to overcome Objections.
  10. Part professionally – and leave the door open for future contact.

Which is the most important? Well, they are all important …. But without number 1 you may as well forget the rest.

By the way – when did you last check the skill levels of your salesforce?

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Track Training Tips No. 23.

11 Steps to Building Rapport.


Ever wondered why your internal communications are feeling a little strained?

Can’t understand why satisfaction levels form Customer Service surveys are going down hill?

Well, it may be that your teams are lacking in rapport building skills. This is extremely relevant for all areas of Customer Service, whether you are talking to Internal or External customers. It is also important for managers and leaders when you communicate with your staff.

The Key Steps:

  1. Remember to SMILE – however challenging that may be!
  2. Find out the other persons correct Name, remember it, use it.
  3. Look for areas of Common Ground (don’t labour the differences).
  4. Give people a good Active Listening to.
  5. Be interested in the things that other people are interested in.
  6. Listen to other peoples suggestions and implement them wherever you can.
  7. Model their verbal language and mirror the Body Language.
  8. Remember that ‘Please’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Well Done’ are free to use and infinitely reusable.
  9. Don’t Interrupt and don’t make Assumptions.
  10. Maintain Confidentiality at all times.
  11. Demonstrate Empathy (not just sympathy) where you can.

Links to workshops:

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Track Training Tips No. 22

11 Tips for Building Great Working Relationships


A recent survey on behalf of the Institute of Leadership and Management by Kingston University Business School found the following sobering facts:

  • 47% of all employees are either in the process of looking for another job or are in the process of leaving their current job
  • 43% are dissatisfied with the relationship they have with their manager
  • only 38% said they were treated with respect

Clearly if this is the case in your organisation, there will be a detrimental effect on co-operation, communication, quality and results. So, what practical steps can be taken to tackle this state of affairs?


The Key Steps:

  1. Review your working practices and make sure they are as flexible as pragmatically possible.
  2. Take a close look at the communication channels in your organisation to see how they can be strengthened.
  3. Great communication is a key strategic action, don’t leave it to chance, it’s a management function.
  4. Think about the kind of work you are asking employees to do and how  well you use their skills and experience.
  5. Ensure that professional training, coaching and mentoring are part of managements key Indicators of Success.
  6. Give regular feedback to employees about their performance on the job.
  7. Implement a professional appraisal process.
  8. Ensure that management is visible – ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’.
  9. Make sure that you treat all employees with respect.
  10. Ensure that Health and Safety regulations are strictly adhered to by everyone.
  11. In challenging times, if you have to downsize, ensure that the processes is managed professionally – you may wish to take certain people back again in the future.

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Track Training Tips No. 21

10 Tips for ‘Motivating The Demotivated’

A recent report from the Hay Group found some startling statistics:

  • only 15% of workers felt ‘highly motivated’
  • only 39% said that they loved their jobs
  • 25% confessed to coasting
  • and only 17% felt that they were in their ideal role

These poor levels of Motivation will clearly have a negative effect on productivity and ouput– by as much as 45%!

Rather than reach for the rule book – maybe you could try and implement some  practical, proven tips to increase levels of Motivation in your business:

The Key Steps:

1.      Make your people feel valued – celebrate success, however small it   may be.

2.      Monitor their work regularly and provide good quality feedback – positive and developmental.

3.      Create an atmosphere of approval and co-operation –as opposed to ‘them and us’.

4.      Make sure that everyone understands the function and philosophy of the organisation and their personal contribution to the achievement of the business objectives.

5.      Provide a range of opportunities for development.

6.      Make the best use of the teams Knowledge, Skills and Competencies.

7.      Communicate success, progress and results, objectives and requirements.

8.      Provide a challenge – stretch your people.

9.      Create scope for greater responsibility – for those that want it.

10. Seek ideas from your staff and involve them in the decision making process as much as possible.

Start today and be consistent – make sure that everyone who manages others is bought into the process.

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