Looking to enter the job market for the first time in years?

There’s only One Chance to make a Great First Impression!


 Are you are looking at your CV for the first time in years?

Have you forgotten what a good covering letter looks like?

Nervous at the prospect of being interviewed?

Can’t work out what questions to ask?


Keep Calm – Don’t Panic! Because help is at hand.

All of our business and personal learning solutions share one thing in common. They are all practical and pragmatic. So right now it makes sense to offer guidance and coaching to help get you at the front of the queue if you are looking for a new position.

What can we offer?

  •  We will help you to produce a tailored covering letter that grabs the readers attention, highlights your strengths, uses the right language and tone and positively demands that they carry on and read your CV


  • We will help you to write a winning CV that spells out your transferable skills, your achievements and commitment to the new role, your experience and qualifications  – and all in 2 pages! It may well have to compete with scores of others.


  • We will help you to prepare for that all important interview: vital preparation and planning, market research, identify the likely questions and the best possible answers, personal presentation, controlling nerves and a list of appropriate questions to ask.


  • Learning from the experience. Sometimes you aren’t selected. That’s  a fact. The key is to review and learn from the experience – what did you do well, what needs improving, how do you maintain your confidence and self esteem.

With a wealth of experience from both sides of the recruitment and selection process over 25 years we can offer you the practical advice and guidance that you need to get that interview and achieve success.

For further information give Dave Chesters a call on 01785 823583 or david@tracktraining.fsbusiness.co.uk



One of the most difficult aspects of managing a busy organisation for the average SME is that of ensuring Learning and Development is not forgotten.

 Where there is a HR Department, they are often kept so busy with hiring and firing and keeping upto date with ever changing legislation that trying to ensure that there is a coherent, added value Performance Management system in place can be rather challenging. The trouble is that without these processes how do you identify the current and future Learning and Development requirements of your team leaders/supervisors/managers?

 As the government puts millions into supporting the set up and growth of SME’s in this country lets not forget that it will be the confidence and competence of those who manage others that has the greatest impact on business success.

 To support business growth and continuous development you will need some or all of the following from your managers/leaders:

  •  A Flexible Leadership style.

Autocratic, democratic, action centred? Well it really depends on the situation that you are faced with. One size does not fit all.

  • Enabling Others to Act.

Motivate, delegate, train and coach. Then back off and trust them to get on with the job.

  • Great Juggling Skills!

People, processes, tasks, outcomes…. Separating the important from the urgent and prioritising your ‘To Do List’ can be difficult.

  • Developing Teams That Achieve!

Select the right people, equip them with the Knowledge and Skills required to deliver successful outcomes both now and into the future. Raise the bar and reward success not activity.

  • A Focus on Exceptional Customer Service.

Your customers will come in all shapes and sizes – internal, external, large and small. Make them feel important, go the extra mile, solve their problems and do it all with a smile on your face. Every day!

 Achieving these standards does of course take time and constant effort. If you would like to take advantage of an external resource to enable your business to transform potential into capability then you might consider giving us a call.

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