Track Training Tips No. 30

 12 Steps to Excellent Customer Service

Imagine the scene – its 6.30 in the evening and I have just arrived at a hotel in Bath, prior to delivering a course on Change Management the next day. Great – there is no one else in reception so no queues after a long journey.

I head straight for the receptionist who has her head down looking at a PC screen – I wait – its clear that I am there – no response – I wait –  then suddenly  “Can I help you” – still no eye contact, no smile.

So here’s the question – “What is missing from this scenario that might classify it as Excellent Customer Service?”

How about the following Key Steps:


  1. Train your front of house staff to smile and give eye contact as soon as a customer enters the building – observe them and provide feedback.
  2. Ensure that they understand the importance of empathy and rapport and how to do it – check knowledge and skills.
  3. Check that it happens every time.
  4. Make sure that they know that ‘you only get one chance to make a great first impression’ – ask them to list the repercussions of not doing so.
  5. Stop whatever else you may be doing and deal with customer.
  6. Find out the customer name early on in the transaction and use it frequently.
  7. Ensure that your staff look and behave professional.
  8. Spell out the behavioural norms that are acceptable – and those that are not.
  9. Body Language provides 55% of your interpersonal communication – it must say “welcome” – not “you are an interruption”.
  10. Ensure that the tone of voice is warm, clear and welcoming.
  11. Use Mystery Shoppers on a frequent basis to ensure that standards are embedded in to your organisation.
  12. Remember this does not just apply to hotels – if you have receptionists ensure that they are fully competent to present your organisation in a professional way – you never know who that next customer might be.

Still, we got as far as booking a wake up call the next morning – just a pity that it happened at seven instead of seven thirty!

Never mind eh! He was only a customer and there are lots more where he came from – so loosing one does not really matter ….. does it?

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