Track Training Tips No. 7


10 Steps to Excellent Customer Service

Can you remember the last time that you received poor Customer Service in the high street or on the telephone? Of course you can – it was not very long ago was it?

Most organisations will spend a small fortune on sales, marketing and new IT systems in order to streamline their processes and achieve higher sales. Unfortunately all of this will be wasted if those at the sharp end of the customer journey are not trained to deliver outstanding customer service at all times.

Some key steps might include:

1.  Don’t aim to merely satisfy your customers – they may be satisfied but still not return! 

2.  Aim to be different from your competitors by building rapport and developing genuine relationships with customers.  Products, prices and premises may be similar but you can differentiate through people!

3.  Charm your customers by looking for opportunities to make a positive impression by offering a little bit more or going that one step further than expected

4.  Focus on the total customer experience and aim to impress at every stage of the customer journey from first contact to the final “good bye”.

5.  Every staff/customer interaction is a “moment of truth” – an opportunity to impress, even if it is a complaint situation or a difficult customer!  Surprise customers with your service recovery time and initiatives.

6.  Customer service starts at the top of the organisation – senior people must visibly demonstrate excellent customer service behaviours in front of staff at every opportunity! 

7.   “The service that we give to customers begins with the service that we give to each other!”  Customer service excellence begins internally and there must be a focus on teamwork and the internal customer.

8.  Care for staff and they will care for customers.  Front line staff must be motivated and inspired to provide service excellence.  A positive working environment and positive people management is absolutely essential.

9.  Developing customer service excellence is about developing an organisational ethos with shared internal values.  It involves everyone in a business – including part time staff, casual staff and volunteers and should not be a focus for frontline staff only.

10. Sit still and you will be overtaken! The journey to customer service excellence is never ending – you must always be on the lookout to develop and improve your service performance.


Remember that it costs far more to find a new customer than it does to keep the existing ones.

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