Track Training Tips No. 15

10 Steps To Effective Networking


Networking is certainly the flavour of the month- I must have been to more events this month than the previous 6 put together! Which clearly says something about my planning!

What it has done is to remind me of the basics of this important business tool, so I have taken the opportunity to share some key steps for you.

Key Steps:

  1. Practice your introduction – remember ‘One chance to make a good first impression!’ – 60 seconds to deliver your ‘Elevator statement’.
  2. Build that relationship – trust, empathy, rapport.
  3. Make it a two way street – ‘Givers gain’, listen more than you talk.
  4. Set yourself a target for gathering useful business cards – use the attendees list. Don’t just float around aimlessly.
  5. Remember that its not only the people you know, but their contacts that might be useful to you
  6. Look for areas of common interest – clusters, suppliers, buyers, clients, social.
  7. Like Effective Negotiators – do more Listening than Talking.
  8. Learn to cope with rejection – “Endeavour to Persevere”.
  9. Make sure you follow up on all contacts – No excuses.
  10. Remember that it’s about Marketing not Selling.
  11. Links to workshops:

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