Track Training Tips No. 5

10 Steps to Effective Delegation

Managers do it. Leaders do it. MD’s of large organisations do it. Some do it well and achieve results. Others do it badly – and as a result fail to achieve their targets, demoralise other staff and cost themselves thousands of pounds.

Effective and Efficient Leaders/Managers of others must learn how to do this in order to get things done and achieve the objectives that really matter.

Yes … you’ve guessed it –  this month’s topic is Effective Delegation.

Key Steps to Success:

1.        Clarify what is to be delegated – be specific.

2.        Identify the person to delegate to – what’s in it for them?

3.        Plan Ahead

            – identify all the issues and seek to overcome objections

            – what is the best sequence?

4.        Discuss and agree with the individual

            – ownership

            – success criteria

            – timescales

            – impact on existing workload

            – monitoring process

            – Whats in it for them

5.        Discuss and agree all resources

           – time, budget, materials, equipment, staff, training, authority

6.         Communicate to all internal and external customers

7.         Implement the plan in bite sized chunks

8.         Monitor and review at agreed intervals – this is key. Don’t be a    constantchecker-upper.

9.         Hand over the complete task when you are both happy

10.       Celebrate success – however small!

Now I can’t guarantee success if you do all of the above. Sod’s Law may still apply and something else will go wrong. What I think we can guarantee, is that the more of the above that you don’t do – the greater you chance of failure!

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