Track Training Tips No. 3.

10 Steps to Effective Coaching.

This month’s topic is that most cost effective alternative to sending people off on public based courses – Coaching in the place of work.

 Learning – typically 1: many off the job.

Coaching – typically 1:1 on the job.

10 Steps to Effective On-The-Job Coaching.

  1. Identify accurately and analyse the real coaching need
  2. Get the Learner’s buy in and agreement
  3. Choose the right Coach for the Learner
  4. Choose the right time and place
  5. Coach in Bite Sized Chunks
  6. Produce a Learning Contract
  7. Review progress regularly
  8. Offer continuous praise and motivation
  9. Review the impact of the coaching on performance
  10. Spread the good word regarding the positive, cost effective benefits of Coaching throughout the organisation

 PS make sure that your coaches have been trained to coach first!

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