Track Training Tips No. 6

10 Steps to dealing with Corporate Anti-Bodies!

Definition of Corporate Anti-Bodies – untrained managers/supervisors/team leaders who will do untold damage to your output, staff morale and team work to name but a few areas of concern.

If your organisation employs people who manage others they really do need appropriate training to equip them with the confidence and competence which will enable them to perform and behave in a professional way.

The Essential Things To Do:

  1. Discuss the requirements for Continuous Personal Development at the recruitment interview.
  2. Consolidate and confirm this theme during Induction.
  3. Have a planned and continuous programme of Learning and Development for each individual.
  4. Discuss their Learning Objectives before they attend any training.
  5. Review what they have gained from the programme on their return to work and how they intend to put the learning into action.
  6. Review their performance on a Quarterly basis.
  7. Give them regular, quality feedback – especially on the negative impact of their observable/measurable lack of competence on individuals, the team, the organisation, and of course, their own succession plans.
  8. Massage their egos, and remind them that everyone has training needs, even the MD!
  9. Provide them with a Mentor and/or Coach.
  10. If you can, instigate 360 degree peer review, so that they can hear the same message from someone else.

This should have the desired effect, raising confidence and competence levels of all those concerned – thus ensuring the Business Objectives are achieved.

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